For the last quarter year, I’ve held the position of in-house Art Director at Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur, a heritage menswear brand
known globally for its classic bespoke tailored clothing. Thier Brand Book was relaunched in 2023.

As the Art Director, I spearheaded the creative reimagining and launch of their Brand Book in 2023, a cornerstone project that encapsulated the essence of its global heritage. Weaving the brand's rich history and craftsmanship into a narrative, the brand vocabulary was anchored in its core values of heritage, quality, and innovation. The layout was designed to be clean and elegant, with a focus on cultural imagery and minimalistic ornamental elements echoing its tailoring's precision and attention to detail.

Close coordination across teams, maintaining content coherence and unified vision, the design concludes a beautiful benchmark in brand storytelling.