{NEELANEEL PRODUCTIONS}:::::::::[Film Poster Design]//////////(2021)

AVVA's is an Indie film, directed Neel Pandey, that chronicles the courageous journey of a south-Indian family from the bustling city of Pune to the quaint town of Bir Billing in Himachal, in the northernmost reaches of India. The film beautifully captures the family's threaded passage to open a south-Indian restaurant, AVVA's, in a place far from their roots.

The poster for film rests in poise and elegance, rooted in their avva (ma). The design held onto the oneiric heart of the story, the household, mirroring the film's emotive core of culinary creations, microscopic steps of affection in their meals and their everyday moments of joy taking center stage. It weaves together the family's heartwarming tenderness over food, love, community, and laughter, forging bonds and transcending culture. A representation of food and people as the forger of lasting bonds that transcend distance, culture, and tradition.